Our Hypeologists (what we call our class instructors) have a passion for motivating others and they all have great taste in music! We strive to be the kind of community that everyone wants to experience.

Meet your Hypeologists

Larissa Swanson portrait

LArissa Swanson


I have 4 years of spin experience, and 6 years of total group fitness experience in various classes like yoga sculpt, spin, tabata and HIIT. 

I grew up in Aberdeen, SD but I have tried group fitness all over the US. I fell in love with spin at a studio in Scottsdale, AZ that made me feel like I was part of a family just having FUN. I hope that’s exactly how Sweatlab makes you all feel with each class you take. If you’re taking my classes, you’re going to need your party pants! Thank you for supporting my dreams at this studio!

Favorite Classes

Any version of HYPE CYCLE and TABATA

Cassidy Borer portrait

Cassidy Borer

I have 2 years of group fitness experience. I grew up on a farm north of Hendricks, MN, but I now live near Castlewood, SD. I love all kinds of music - anything that gets the adrenaline going! As an instructor, I hope each person leaves my classes wanting to come back, whether it’s your first day, or you’ve been doing this for years. It’s the people that surround me that motivate me, and I hope I can do the same to all Sweatlab members in return!

Favorite Classes


Shelby Forkel portrait

Shelby Forkel

I have about 5 years of experience in group fitness, but love teaching & taking yoga sculpt classes! I have moved to various cities and states throughout the years but always seemed to stay consistent with yoga sculpt. I love how engaged people can be with their workouts just by simply mixing good tunes with an upbeat instructor! Don’t be surprised when I whip out the early 2000’s playlists!

Favorite Classes


Megan Wight portrait

Megan Wight

When I was 12 I would sneak into fitness classes and I became obsessed with the energy and accountability it brought! I have now been teaching many different classes for over 10 years. I’m married to my high school sweetheart and we have 3 kids. I love rap, country and everything in between. I love showing that fitness can be FUN and watching people gain confidence. My quote to live by is “My commitment to feeling my best is stronger than the pull of my old habits.”

Favorite Classes

Spin, Sculpt and Turbo Kick

Samantha Harris portrait

Samantha Harris

Although I am new to group fitness, I have always had a love for working out and the gym! My hope is that everyone that walks into a class with me can walk out feeling motivated and ready to conquer the world! I grew up in Sauk Centre, MN but I now live in Watertown with my husband and our two little girls!

A fun fact about my family is that we are a military family! I listen to all kinds of music - whatever feeds my soul that day, so you can expect a little bit of everything from my playlists!

Favorite Classes

Any variation of Hype Cycle

Our Classes

Cycle classes

Closeup of pedals on cycling bike

Hype Cycle

HYPE CYCLE is our traditional spin class featuring a unique, 45 minute indoor spin experience inspired by the beat of the music. Riders get to enjoy a concert-like atmosphere while reaching fitness goals. Expect some choreographed drills, lots of sweat, and even more bass!

Woman and man in group cycling class

Hype Cycle 30

A condensed, 30 minute version of our traditional spin class, but it is nothing short of a party! Saddle up, sweat it out, and get back to work feeling energized.

woman riding spin bike

Explicit Hype Cycle

The spicy version of our traditional spin class. This 45 minute jam session is for the party-people who want to saddle up and go buck-wild with some explicit music. If you want to hop off your bike and just twerk, we won’t be mad. Parental Advisory: Some songs may contain explicit content.

workout class riding spin bikes

Hype Cycle +

Add a strength component to the traditional spin class. We dedicate a few songs throughout this 45 minute class to whip out some lightweight dumbbells and tone your upper body. You pick your weights, we’ll keep the beats knocking.


woman performing ab exercises

Hype Sculpt

Our traditional take on yoga-sculpt. This is a high-energy, total-body workout engineered to sculpt every major muscle group within 45 minutes. It’s like a party, except squats - not shots. You are sure to burn calories and strengthen your entire body, as this class mixes cardio, weights and yoga all together. Normal room temp, not a warm-temp class.

woman performing yoga

Hot Hype Sculpt

A 45 minute yoga-sculpt class where we heat up the lab to about 100 degrees in temperature. When yoga meets cardio, muscle and warm temps, you are going to leave feeling like a total warrior. Expect to strengthen and lengthen your body while jamming out. Room will reach an average temp of 100 degrees.

woman performing yoga


We offer a traditional Vinyasa Flow class and a Hot Yoga class - both 1 hour long. Each class will help with building strength, relieving stress, and further your range of motion through poses and breathing techniques. Vinyasa Flow will be offered at normal room temp, and Hot Yoga room temp may reach about 90 degrees.

Other classes

women working out in group fitness class


Combining barre inspired moves with low impact cardio broken down into intervals. We feature this class as a 45 minute option, or, a TABATA EXPRESS option which is the 30 minute version. Expect to feel energized head-to-toe!

turbo kick group workout class

Turbo Kick

Kick start your day/night with this 45 minute cardio kickboxing dance class. Choreographed, upbeat, and fast-paced with all the jams!

Don’t see a class description here that’s listed on our booking site? Contact us for more info!

Tips & Frequently asked questions

It’s my first class. What do I do?

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Your first class can be scary, but our Hypeologists are trained to help out first-timers the whole way through until you are acclimated. Don’t be nervous! Everyone, even the instructors started somewhere. 

You are in complete command of your workout. Our Hypeologists will guide you, but ultimately you decide what is too much or not enough, and adjust from there. Customize your workout and go at your own pace!

We provide you with one gym towel if needed for each class. Bring proper clothing/equipment and a bottle of water! For yoga and sculpt classes, please bring your own yoga mat if possible! We have limited supplies to borrow out.

Be 10 minutes early! Studio doors close at the published class time on the DOT. If you arrive after the doors have shut, you will not be able to participate in that class.

We have plenty of storage room for you to store your belongings while in the studio. 

We totally understand we provide an atmosphere that can be tempting to show off on your social media pages in photos and videos, BUT, If you do bring your phones into the lab with you, please keep usage to a minimum. It can be distracting to members and instructors. Absolutely no flash! 

What should I expect at class?

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Expect to feel like you are part of a SOCIETY in each and every class! We are in this together and although we encourage friendly neighbor motivation, this is YOUR class. Listen to the guidance of your instructor but feel free to tone it down or up accordingly. We sweat a LOT in the lab and love to see it! 

What is beat-based cycling?

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Beat-based cycling is focused on striking the pedal of the bike to each beat of the music. You’ll hear the instructor cue when your right or left foot should be hitting the beat.

What is the Check in process?

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Please arrive 10 minutes early to your class. If you are new to our gym, please arrive 15 minutes early. We like to take this time to have you fill out a waiver, get you set up on your bike or other equipment, or change into the correct clothing before the class starts. Our doors stay locked throughout the day until 20 minutes before a class, and will lock again 20 minutes after a class is completed.

What should I wear?

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For spin classes we advise biking shorts or leggings. Loose fitting shorts or short shorts may result in chaffing from the bike seat and are not advised. Baggy pants are prohibited as they are a safety hazard on the bikes. Our bike pedals do not currently support spin clips. Wear comfortable tennis shoes. 

For all other classes we advise whatever you feel strong and comfortable in. Shoes and socks come off for all classes except spin.

Do I need special shoes?

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Our bike pedals do not currently support spin clips. Wear comfortable tennis shoes. Shoes and socks come off for all classes except spin. We are working on getting dual pedals that will support SPD clips in the near future.

Do you have a locker/changing room?

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We do have 2 small changing areas. During busy class times, this may be congested, so if you can come equipped before class, please do!

Anything else I should know?

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We do have a bathroom that features a shower for those needing to rinse off before work. Disclaimer: the shower is located in 1/2 bathrooms on site, so this may get congested during busy class times. We cannot promise this will be available to everyone after every class. 

Bring your own yoga matts to all SCULPT classes. We have a limited supply for members to borrow if they forget, but we like to save those for first timers. 

BRING WATER TO EVERY CLASS. With all the moving and grooving we do in class, it is so important to stay hydrated, and even more important if you are taking one of our “hot” classes.

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